We are "Benefits Redesigned"

Benefits Redesigned, was created while working with business clients stating they wanted a better employee benefits plan. Employee retention and attraction are key factors in today’s marketplace, to stay competitive. Employee benefits may be a way to answer some of these concerns.

Who We Are

Company Profile

Stacey Aarssen’s passion is to ensure business owners and entrepreneurs understand their options when looking into employee benefits. Stacey and the team at Benefits Reedsigned take a holistic approach to your employee benefits and savings plans, by offering value driven solutions, with benefits that exceed the cost. 

Stacey’s business partner/husband John Aarssen specializes in wealth planning, and his role at Benefits Redesigned is to ensure the best group RRSP and TFSP is offered to businesses.

Stacey and John have been in the financial services business since 2005 and they both came from separate family businesses. Having the experience of running a small/medium sized business, Stacey and John understand what’s important in business.

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Stacey Aarssen

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John Aarssen

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