Employee Benefits Designed to Fit Your Business Needs

Employee Health Benefits


  • Attract and retain employees

  • Increase moral

  • Healthy Employees are happy employees

  • Reduce Absenteeism

  • Tax efficient compensation package

Employee Savings plans-Group RRSP’s and TFSA’s


  • Attract and Retain Employees

  • Promote retirement and long-term savings

  • Employee income tax deferral

  • Financial stability

  • Tax efficient compensation package

Which Employee Benefit Solution is Right for Your Business?

Where to begin?

Discovery is key to understanding which option may be best suited for your business.

  1. Why do you want to implement an employee benefit plan?
  2. What type of business do you have?
  3. How many employees do you have?
  4. What is the demographic of your employees?
  5. What do your employees value the most?
  6. Would you base a decision on price or value?
  7. How do you view employee benefits as it relates to employee hiring and retention, and as part of the overall compensation package?
  8. Where are you trying to position yourself?
  9. Have you considered speciality carriers for your benefits program?


Christine Kok pic r1

Christine Kok

Always On Call Ltd.

We have been using Stacey Aarssen for all of our health benefits and insurance needs – for our small business and our family. It can be difficult to complete with larger companies if you don’t offer a benefits plan! Initially we started with a program called FlexSave, and as our business grew we were able to incorporate a full Group Benefits plan as well. Every year we meet with Stacey to discuss changes to the plan and cost management. Stacey is an expert in this field, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone that needs advice in this area!


Steve Tamblyn

Life Expressions Ltd

I have a small team and I was looking at different health care plans for myself and my employees. After speaking with Stacey, I realized there was a lot to learn about the traditional health insurance products. She spent the time to educate and guide me to the best solution for my business. What I love most about the solution she put in place is it’s ease of use, and having 100% coverage for my health care needs. I highly recommend spending time with Stacey to understand what’s best for your company.

Untitled-design-16-circle r1

Kristi Linton

Strong Outsourcing

I was introduced to Stacey over 10 years ago. From the moment we met I had faith I could trust her with our family and small business financial needs and goals. We set up a health spending account to cover my families medical bills through the business. It worked great!
Through these years she has successfully helped multiple businesses that I have been connected to find a custom health benefit package that works for them. Any questions or concerns are handled efficiently and communication is key with Stacey. I would recommend talking with Stacey to any business wanting to implement a health spending account or even curious about options for benefit package.

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