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Beyond Rewards HR

We are your local, full-service people management partners, assisting you with human resources and health & safety, workplace investigations, recruitment and other HR and Safety projects through services provided on-call (on-demand) or on-site (at your location)!


The HR Coach

The HR Coach, Lynne Bard, is an accomplished Senior Executive, Consultant, and Thought Leader with more than 35 years of success across the human resources, operations and education industries. Leveraging extensive experience with performance assessment and improvement solutions, she is a valuable advisor for an organization seeking to develop a productive and engaged company culture. Her broad areas of expertise include executive coaching, talent management, strategic business planning, legislative compliance, communications, and human capital.


The Little Wellness Company

Whether you are an individual searching for resources or, an organization looking to support their team, we have a wide variety of boutique wellness solutions available. Our mission is to best support the well being of our clients in a readily accessible, simple to use process that results in fast and effective wellness supports. We believe wellness possibilities are endless, exponential growth of the organizations we support inevitable and that a well organization is easily achievable.

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Robbinex® has specialized in helping owners of mid-sized companies with business transitions since 1974. They are members of M&A Worldwide (a global network of 39 M&A advisory firms in 40 countries) plus several M&A organizations in North America, with access to “feet on the ground” in most major cities.  The COSATA® is the first phase of the Robbinex® Three-Phase Process™ which is certified ISO 9001-2015. This process was developed to help business owners analyze exit options, and then help execute whatever option is most appropriate.

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